Step inside the Box2Box Arena and let yourself be carried away by an explosive tablet game full of speed and energy! This is all about achieving as many challenges as possible within a limited time, while your team shines like real football heroes. Armed with an iPad and a box full of assignments, your team determines the strategy: from drawing on mental strength to showing creative flair and physical skills. Do you dare to take on the challenge and shine like true champions?

Max 3h
10-840 people
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Box2Box guarantees pure group dynamics, where teamwork and individual highlights come together. The game bubbles over with fun, strategy and team building. At RBFA Experiences, each team has its own strengths, with the moderator as the referee assessing performance in real time. Not only do exact answers count here; creative assignments with photos or videos can also earn extra points.

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Box2Box offers a unique experience with several benefits that strengthen team spirit and match competition on the football field. As you play, you develop new technological skills and improve your digital knowledge. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and prove yourself to be a true Box2Box champion?

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