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An exclusive collaboration

RBFA Experiences by Event Masters is the result of the exclusive collaboration between Event Masters and the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA). As the official event partner of RBFA, Event Masters brings unique and innovative event concepts to the iconic grounds and facilities of the RBFA. This partnership allows us to offer unparalleled event experiences at the location where our national heroes, the Red Devils and Red Flames as well as many other top athletes train and excel.

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Our goal

Our goal at RBFA Experiences by Event Masters is to utilise the unique atmosphere and prestige of this location for various events. Whether it’s a team building, business meeting, product launch, family day or any other special occasion, our location provides an inspiring backdrop that will make your event unforgettable. The association with top athletes and a location full of history adds an extra layer of meaning and exclusivity to any event.

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Exclusive location

With the exclusive access to this location, we are able to organise a variety of events that cannot be realised anywhere else. We invite you to experience the atmosphere of top sports and transform your event into an extraordinary experience.

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Why your event via RBFA Experiences?

The strength of RBFA Experiences by Event Masters lies in our exclusive access to the home of the Red Devils and Red Flames, the Proximus Basecamp that cannot be used by any other event agency. This offers a perfect opportunity to surround your event with an aura of exclusivity and prestige. Here you can benefit from custom-made and location-specific teambuilding activities that are not possible anywhere else.

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RBFA Experiences offers unique events on the grounds of our national football heroes, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. As Masters in event organisation, we take creativity and innovation to the next level at every conceivable location. If this iconic setting does not fit perfectly with the needs of your event, we are ready to offer you a range of alternatives. With Event Masters, every event becomes an unforgettable experience. Get in touch and let’s bring the magic to life together.

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